Jason Isley

Vocals and Guitar

Jason’s passion for music started at an early age. When he was just ten years old, he started playing the saxophone in the school band. He continued to play through his school years into college, where he received a performing arts scholarship. Even though he loved playing the sax, his true passion was for guitar and rock music. At the age of 17, he acquired his first electric guitar at taught himself to play. Since that time, he has been in several bands honing his craft as guitarist for Rex Malaki, The Henchmen, XIII, Covenant Everlasting, Revolution Pilot (1st rendition), Emerson Moody, Revelation of Truth. Now he is taking on lead vocalist and co-lead guitarist roles in the revamped version of Revolution Pilot.

Kasey Charles

Lead Guitar

Growing up in a family full of musicians, it was only natural that Kasey would grow up to be one as well. Kasey started his musical journey by getting on stage whenever he could.  At the age of 7, he would sing "Listen to the Music" by The Doobie Brothers with the band XIII. From there, at age 14, he proceeded to teach himself how to play guitar and never looked back. Kasey's first real band featured him playing bass in the first rendition of Revolution Pilot alongside Jason. Moving forward, Kasey kept learning and striving to be a better player and landed his first lead guitar spot in So Long Gemini. He has since gone on to become an accomplished musician and recognized name in the Huntsville music scene, as well as regional travel, for his work on both guitar and bass in bands such as So Long Gemini, Crawford Chute, Tres Locos, Duos Locos, Forest Haven, and The Travelin' Rose Band.

When asked if he wanted to jam with the new Revolution Pilot, this time on guitar, he didn't hesitate for a minute to say, "Hell yeah!"

Kevin Charles




Bio coming soon!

Alan Charles


Beginning his musical journey in 1997, he taught himself to play with minimal prior musical instruction. Although not a very fancy player with much slappin' & poppin' or fast, intricate runs, he keeps the bottom end full and carries the rhythm. Previous bands and projects include; XIII (thûr-tēn), a classic rock band with his oldest son Kevin, next he played with So Long Gemini, a hard-driving edgy rock band with both of his sons (Kevin & Kasey). Crawford Chute, a crossover-country band with a gritty edge that targeted a sleepy southern Alabama town that finally went wet! 

As alan puts it, "I am fortunate to have a second family in the Huntsville music scene that includes some of the best people and players in the Universe! Love you all!"

Eric Johnston

Drums and Percussion

As a former jazz musician, stating his music endeavor as a trumpet player, he took his love for "the groove" and applied it to drums and percussion. As a self-taught drummer, his previous bands and projects include; XIII (thûr-tēn), his first official position as a drummer in a classic rock band. He held the beat with contemporary and posi-rock bands: Covenant Everlasting, Ahead-by-One, and Revolution of Truth. After a ten-year hiatus, Eric is "back in the race" and joins Revolution Pilot to share and continue his love of music.